Capricorn horoscope in urdu

A Big Ticket (Love) Item

Job If your pace of work imposes displacements that fall rather bad, your personal organization will suffer and you will also go with tweezers with your relatives who will accept relatively poorly.

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Vitality Mars once again allows you all dreams, and some of them are likely to become a reality. Family You do not have to go headlong and join a heated debate for which you have no idea what really triggered it.

Capricorn Star in Urdu – Burj Jaddi Personality and Characteristics – برج جدی

Friends Your state of mind of the day will settle comfortably in sharing and opening. A very good thing that everyone likes.

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  • Mercury in Virgo fortifies your female friendships and memory. On the 6th, Mercury moves into Libra and pending tasks will be completed.