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Below is the list :Click the book name to read more about book including Preview for most of them and buy if you would like to. Absolutely essential and not to be missed. Santhanam Its takes a life time to understand, let alone master it.

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But if you are the chosen one then you do not need any other book ever. Col Retd. Srinivasan Shastry. Scholarly Book Recommendation 29 pages. Book Recommendation Portal 3 pages. Gummadi Indian Institute of Technology, 46 pages. Book Recommendation 20 pages. Book Order Recommendation When completed, please e-mail as attachment to 2 pages. Vedic Astrology is one of the most popular forms of speculating the future of people and that is what Vinayak Bhatt the astrologer at Vedic Grace specializes in. Very popularly known in the city, Vedic Grace has been known to provide accurate solutions to the problems people face in day to day lives.

Additionally, one can also get the correct Vastu consultation for their newly constructed house here as well. Fortune Point is being run under the knowledge and guidance of Pandit Rama Shankar Mishra who was born and raised in Ayodhya in vaidik Brahmin family. Hailing from such a rich and religiously drenched background, Pandit Rama Shakar spent the later years of his life learning about astrology and vedic sciences that govern and revolve around it.

His institution Fortune Point, is best known to create traditional janam kundali and providing suitable advice for internal and external conflicts and health issues.

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Most people do not know about it but Jyotish is actually a science that has been proven and studied upon over the years. Shri Saraswati Jyotish Research Centre in the city is one such school of Astrology education where training related to Astrology is given by a team of experienced astrologers, pandits, karamkandies and other scholars. The center is known to have experienced and educationally qualified astrologers that suggest the solutions to the problems being faced by people. The center specializes in-. It is admitted by all that this branch of horary is as important as any other areas of This translation of Brihath Jathaka by N Chidambram Iyer has been long out of print and not many know of this commentary.

Excellent Interivew with Dr Andrew Foss Vedic Astrologer/astronomer

The interesting part of this commentary is that he gives the meaning of the verses and then adds his own notes on the text. At some places these are extensive. Also he has converted these text into modern mathematical models in degrees and minutes and has attributed the data to degrees and minutes.

Also he has compared the indian system Some of these articles were presented as lectures in different conferences and written for erstwhile astrological magazines. These articles have been re-edited and presented in a cogent manner. The Ashtakavarga system of prediction is a unique concept which has its roots in Vedic Astrology. Ashtakavarga can be used for very accurate predictions on various aspects of native astrology. The Ashtakavarga becomes a good tool for prediction in combination with transit astrology and the results are different when applied with the Ashtakavarga system.

The Basic principles of The author wishes the readers and followers of this method of Astrology all happy events in life.

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The Vargas or the Divisional Chart is an unique way of evaluating not only the real strength of the planets but the level of auspiciousness that the planets bestows upon a native. Without understanding and using the Divisional Charts with the Lagna chart the predictions on various aspects cannot be made. In the book the author has discussed Navamsha D9 , Dashamsha D10 to the Shashtiamsha D60 in details keeping in mind the predictive aspect of Astrology. Prashna or Horary that has been dealt in this book is the most important branch of Astrology.

In Prashna which primarily deals with the query of a native, the whole method is simple and not dependent on time accuracy nor on the assumptions. The rules of Prashna are simple. The only thing that has to be understood is there applicability with a sound judgment methodology. The book deals with Prashna or queries like marriage, divorce, love, theft, conflicts, Astrology is an ancient art which consist of the interpretation of the movements of the Sun, Moon and other Planets. A study of astrology being, as a matter of course, part of a doctors training and a vital elements in his treatment of diseases.

Modern astrologers would consider that it is both a Science and an Art, not an exact science like mathematics, but more like medicine, which calls for scientific knowledge on the part of the practitioner plus the art of Exhaustive details about the impact of the signs on an individual are not found in the books. The planets work through the confined premises defined by a house but the tendency or attitude to initiate the said actions is actuated by the energy field of the sign in which the planet is placed in.

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In fact everything in life is set within the frame work of predetermined scheme. This scheme is prepared by the incarnated soul in its discarnate state under the This book has been compiled with the intention to help the traders to learn the methods of Technical Analysis, its indicators, oscillators. The book explains how to apply the indicators, oscillators and how to draw conclusions using them for trend determination. Traders can also learn about the chart patterns and how to draw inferences from them by using this book.

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Through this book an attempt has been made to bring the knowledge of various indicators and Bag A. Gour A. Sinnett A. Hari A. Sanjiva Rao B. Seal B. Suryanarain Rao B.

Suryanarayan Row B. Paul B. Raman B. Saint- Germain C. Subrahmanya Sastri C. Jagannatha Rao D. Parsai D. Hari D. Hema Hari D. Shukla D.

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    dr ss chatterjee astrologer Dr ss chatterjee astrologer
    dr ss chatterjee astrologer Dr ss chatterjee astrologer
    dr ss chatterjee astrologer Dr ss chatterjee astrologer
    dr ss chatterjee astrologer Dr ss chatterjee astrologer
    dr ss chatterjee astrologer Dr ss chatterjee astrologer

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