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Full Moon in Leo. Venus conjoins Jupiter in Sagittarius. Mercury enters Aquarius. Ceres enters Sagittarius. Sun conjoins Mercury in Aquarius. Vesta enters Pisces. Venus enters Capricorn. New Moon in Aquarius. Mercury enters Pisces.

Pallas, Juno, and Vesta: The Three Jewels of Your Astrology Chart

Juno enters Gemini. Mars conjoins Uranus in Aries. Mars enters Taurus. Pallas in Libra Stations Retrograde. Venus conjoins Saturn in Capricorn. Sun enters Pisces. Mercury conjoins Neptune in Pisces. Full Moon in Virgo.

The Power of Juno

Venus conjoins Pluto in Capricorn. Venus enters Aquarius. Mercury in Pisces Stations Retrograde. Neptune conjoins Vesta in Pisces. Uranus enters Taurus. New Moon in Pisces. Sun conjoins Neptune in Pisces. Sun conjoins Vesta in Pisces. Sun conjoins Mercury Rx in Pisces. Point of Mental Illumination. Sun enters Aries. Full Moon in Libra.

Sun conjoins Chiron in Aries. Mercury Rx conjoins Neptune in Pisces. Mercury in Pisces Stations Direct. Mars enters Gemini. Vesta enters Aries.

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New Moon in Aries. Ceres in Sagittarius Stations Retrograde. Venus conjoins Neptune in Pisces. Jupiter in Sagittarius Stations Retrograde. Mercury in Aries. Void of Course.

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Mercury conjoins Chiron in Aries. Sun enters Taurus. Venus enters Aries. Juno enters Cancer. Sun conjoins Uranus in Taurus. Venus conjoins Chiron in Aries. Pluto in Capricorn Stations Retrograde. Saturn in Capricorn Retrograde. New Moon in Taurus. Mercury enters Taurus. Mercury conjoins Uranus in Taurus. Venus enters Taurus.

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Mars enters Cancer. Venus conjoins Uranus in Taurus. Do keep in mind that Taurus begs of you to consider the essence of all things, the value that lies beneath the surface straight down to the roots and the organic beauty that is found there. The element of earth needs to understand the inherent integrity and practical issues, such as spiritual sustenance and structural worthiness. It goes so much deeper than a blanket statement regarding your annual income.

How does your current financial situation reflect upon you and your contributing value; to yourself, to others, and in an overall sense? Furthermore, how does this reflect upon your overall well-being, including your spiritual health? Do you notice anything here? You will…. It is interesting to note that Taurus is ruled by Venus, who is also transiting Taurus, making this second house impact that much more effective, at least for a time.

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It is composed of high amounts of hydrogen with almost enough energy to turn it into a Sun itself. Pallas could be said to represent the mind of Jupiter. Her nature is perceptive, artistic, harmonious, joyful, peaceful, disciplined, and hard-working. Her work was never drudgery, but creative and meaningful.

She had a faculty for combining pleasure with work. Perception seems to me to be the best descriptive word relating to Pallas.

Pallas in Houses (Astrology related)

It stimulates an ability to see clearly and understand in a meaningful way, sidestepping the harsh overtones normally associated with reality. Realists are considered cold, detached and objective. But this is not necessarily reality. We make a division between realists and dreamers which is not necessarily accurate.

pallas astrology transit Pallas astrology transit
pallas astrology transit Pallas astrology transit
pallas astrology transit Pallas astrology transit
pallas astrology transit Pallas astrology transit
pallas astrology transit Pallas astrology transit

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