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Capricorn Personality: December 22 - January 19

You feel more natural, spontaneous, and ready to seize the day. You're commanding attention! It's a strong period for competitive activities, exams, learning, and creative activities. You are inclined to make big plans, to see things in terms of the bigger picture, and to enjoy expressing your ideas and creative visions with others.

Saturn and Neptune form a harmonious aspect that will influence us through most of , and its influence begins in January. For you, dear Leo, it's a fine time for making positive lifestyle changes that will benefit you for years to come. You are better able to manage your time, combining hard work with inspiration and balancing your attention to your material and spiritual worlds. With a Saturn-Neptune aspect that influences most of and begins this month, this can be a good period for balancing your life in crucial ways, particularly as you are less inclined to allow relationships to consume most of your attention and you spend more of your energy on worthwhile pursuits.

Relationship goals may very well inspire you to round out your life with rewarding hobbies or other satisfying activities. It's a strong time for bringing a little more structure to your life, especially in your creative world or in your romantic life. Taking your "play" time more seriously can be especially beneficial now.

Mars has just moved into your intimacy sector, and this transit can serve to ignite your passions for a particular pursuit. You're taking a matter more seriously, and you're excited to pour your energies into something you love.

January 18th Birthday Horoscope 12222-2020

In fact, without something substantial and absorbing, you may feel a little restless. Working behind the scenes can be useful and attractive now. You can feel especially confident about taking care of lingering problems and putting them behind you. Venus heads into your home and family sector on the 7th, finding good company in Jupiter, already a guest there. January promises to be a particularly strong month for your emotional life, inner world, and domestic pursuits.

You're seeking more warmth, beauty, enjoyment, balance, and peace in your personal life and on the home front now. In fact, you're actively creating this atmosphere, and it feels good to do so. The Lunar Eclipse on the 21st reminds you of the importance of rest, replenishment, and reflection. Your body may be giving you a strong message to rest. Allowing yourself some time for stillness, rest, and rejuvenation can do wonders for you now.

This can also be a time of an important idea, hunch, or intuitive flash that sets you on a new, more fulfilling path. Your true feelings about a matter can emerge now, and they're unmistakable!

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You do enter a rather busy cycle around the same time of this eclipse, and of course, this requires some juggling and balancing, but you'll find it easier than usual to arrive at that sweet spot with current cosmic support. In fact, the Solar Eclipse on the 5th is about new beginnings and happenings along these lines. Even so, the month holds much promise of social activity and focus on personal interests, making connections, intellectual stimulation, and relationships. For one, Mars begins its transit of your partnership sector, animating your relationships or stirring up strong feelings for someone in particular.

Venus moves into your communications sector on the 7th, and as your planetary ruler, suggests where your heart is. Sharing your ideas and making connections can be in pleasant focus. Jupiter is a relatively new guest in this area of your chart, and as Venus, Mars, and Jupiter connect in lovely ways in January, you're likely to enjoy some lively, stimulating, and creative connections, not only with people or more likely, a special someone but with projects, ideas, and pursuits you find wonderfully fulfilling.

Relationships improve, build, and elevate in January. The Lunar Eclipse on the 21st echoes these fun themes, occurring in your social sector and pushing your true feelings about a person or project to the surface.

Ganeshaspeaks Sagittarius

Your passions and affections are hard to dismiss at this time! Your next step or the right path to follow becomes quite clear as a result. This can be a time of a sweet release, epiphany, or turning point. You also benefit from a Saturn-Neptune transit that forms this month, but that will stick around with you all the way until November. Your dreams are big, but you're keeping your feet on the ground. Home, family, work, and health matters all benefit from a more balanced approach. Your routines improve as you pay attention to your material and spiritual needs rather than prioritizing one over the other.

January Monthly Horoscope Summary: January is excellent for focusing on building and developing current projects, ideas, and personal talents, dear Scorpio. You begin the year with Mars newly transiting your work and health sector, and this is an especially motivating influence for taking care of your daily affairs with more confidence, courage, energy, and initiative. You want to be on top of things!

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You may be feeling a little competitive, and it's of the motivating, pleasant variety. Allow this energy to fuel you to take care of matters that truly need your attention, even if they are not exceptionally glamorous.

It's a wonderful month for doing the type of work that powers your life in crucial ways, but that may be going on behind the scenes. You're not afraid to get your hands dirty in the process, and you can accomplish much. There are two eclipses in January, and the Solar Eclipse on the 5th occurs in your communications sector.

Monthly Horoscopes

Your interests are expanding, and you may feel ready to push a project or line of study forward. It's a fine time for turning over a new leaf regarding making connections or honing your skills. The Lunar Eclipse on the 21st relates to a career or reputation matter that is now turning a corner. The realizations you experience now help you make a decision that you may have toyed with for some time. While your emotions may feel too strong at the time of the eclipse, as you process them in the week following, you're likely to gain tremendous clarity about the right path for you.

Saturn and Neptune form a harmonious aspect now, and this longer-term influence will continue to support you until November, benefiting your communications, relationships, self-expression, and creative pursuits.

Capricorn Daily Horoscope

You're communicating and connecting in inspired but also very practical, useful ways. You're finding it easier to balance out your hard work with imaginative pursuits now, and this helps round out your relationships and daily life. Sagittarius Monthly Horoscope for January January is a wonderful month for taking charge of your practical affairs, dear Sagittarius, but it's also quite excellent for your personal life, confidence levels, and romantic world.

Venus joins your sign on the 7th and meets with Jupiter on the 22nd, encouraging your sense of fun and personal appeal. You begin the month and the year with Mars newly in your romance and creativity sector, boosting your confidence and stimulating your desire to enjoy and express yourself more fully. A Mars-Jupiter trine is enterprising and creative - it's a potentially wonderful time for winning a competition or trying your hand at a new endeavor.

Romantic attention is likely. Think big, share your affections liberally, and bask in the glow of positive feedback! The chance for a new beginning or commitment to a money goal arrives with a Solar Eclipse on the 5th. The Lunar Eclipse on the 21st can bring to light a matter of spirit, adventure, or learning. There can be the fruition of a major project, something published, or a turning point reached in your studies. Epiphanies can be significant enough to change your perspective or even your life path.

Announcements, awards, or completed projects can generate quite a bit of attention. A Saturn-Neptune aspect forms this month and will stick with you until November, helping to ground you. You may be focusing on savings or simplifying and decluttering, which helps boost your home and family life.

This influence helps ensure you take care of both your practical and spiritual needs. January Monthly Horoscope for Capricorn: With a Solar Eclipse in your sign this year, dear Capricorn, you begin with a clean slate and fresh energy for reinvention. The Lunar Eclipse on the 21st, though, is more about financial, ownership, and intimate matters and can involve a sweet release, perhaps of an obligation. Resolution of a problem can feel freeing now. Love and partnership can be in some level of flux this year as you are redefining yourself and exploring your independence. These themes are strong in January.

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The month begins with Mars at the bottom of your solar chart and special attention to your heart and home. Jupiter is in your privacy sector, too, reinforcing the personal, private, and inward focus that often dominates January's energies. Projects on or in the home can be satisfying. Excess energy is best channeled into constructive projects and improvements.

January 18 Zodiac Horoscope Birthday Personality - Capricorn - Part 2

Otherwise, there can be some tension. Mind you, if problems have been brewing in your personal life or with family, they may need some airing now, and Mars here has a beautiful way of pulling everything up and out into the open. Mercury finally enters your sign on the 4th after a lengthy hiatus for quick-moving Mercury in your privacy sector, and you find your voice, wanting to be heard or to share your thoughts.

Venus heads into your solar twelfth house on the 7th, however, and there is more rumination to do and possible hesitation regarding your feelings. This is healthy and natural as Venus closes out a cycle and you prepare for a new one in February when Venus enters your sign. A secret or private relationship can be in focus for some of you this month. Unexpected changes in plans or events can test our patience, and we might feel a bit out of control.

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