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Kellin Quinn Sleeping With Sirens. If you were born in the late spring, you have the same Earth sign as Quinn, who was born April A Taurus, represented by a bull, is considered reliable and hard working, while also craving security. Pete Wentz Fall Out Boy. Geminis are zodiac twins with Pete Wentz, who was born June 5. Also, you both are usually pretty clever which makes you a hit in social situations.

Ben Barlow Neck Deep. You and this fellow crab tend to be sensitive and a bit moody at times, but you also are survivalists and are caring to those around you. This lead vocalist, born Aug. Some people might think Leos are self-centered, but they also are motivated and want to do whatever they can to make people happy. This multi-talented musician also is a Virgo as he was born Sept. You and McMahon are considered to be respectable and love nature. Additionally, Virgos are thought to be sensitive, but also extremely self-sufficient, which is a pretty on-point way to describe McMahon.

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Spotify's New Cosmic Playlists Personalize Songs With Your Astrological Sign In Mind

Leos can have a little more staying power because they're what is called a "fixed" sign one that falls in the middle of the season. So they are much better at following things through and staying grounded and having a little more patience. I think they can also go to the other extreme and like very ambient, noisy music. They're very sensual when it comes to sound; it's all about physicality and the material world, whether that's harsh noise or gentle.

In terms of how each sign differs, I think Capricorns probably lean towards darker, more gothic sounds. They also love anything that's old, so anything retro is great for them. Virgo is ruled by Mercury, which is the planet of communication and words, so anything that's very lyrical is great for them.

And being the most sensual of the Earth signs, Tauruses are happy listening to the sort of music that will give them goosebumps. Tauruses are ruled by Venus, which is the planet of beauty, art and musical instruments, so they love beautiful sounds and probably appreciate music the most out of all the Earth signs. When it comes to going out and dancing, as long as there's a place to sit — especially for the Tauruses — then they'll be fine.

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Virgos are probably the Earth sign that likes to go out the most, and will really enjoy meeting people and dancing and having the whole experience, whereas for Capricorns, unless they're on the VIP or guest list, they're not going to waste time going out when they'd rather stay home working.

Of all the signs, the air signs really appreciate new technology in music most, so when it comes to new trends or music that sounds different, they will love it.

The Astrological Rulership of Music Notes - Aquarius Papers - Global Astrology

Libras are going to be the ones who are most drawn to love songs, because they're ruled by Venus, which is very romantic and affectionate, so they're suckers for that sort of thing. And again, Venus rules the arts, so they really appreciate musicality in general. Geminis are ruled by Mercury, the planet of communication, so any sort of rap is great because it's very lyrically driven. And Aquariuses are the most inventive of all the air signs, and the ones who are most appreciative of technology, so for them, any electronic or experimental music will seem appealing.

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In terms of consumption, air signs are very mentally busy and are really into multitasking so they're going to be having music on no matter what they're doing. They were the kids in middle school who had the radio on while they were doing homework. Water signs give themselves so fully to music that they can end up losing themselves within it. Pisces in particular love any kind of music that is trippy and takes them to another world; they're definitely the hippies of the zodiac.

They love music from all decades and use music as a way to connect to the past; they're very nostalgic and emotional about what they listen to in that way. Water signs also definitely love to create music.

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Pisces are the sign that are most likely to go out every single night and be the last to leave the club, whereas Cancers are the ones who might get the job at the club or be a part of the industry.

musical astrological sign Musical astrological sign
musical astrological sign Musical astrological sign
musical astrological sign Musical astrological sign
musical astrological sign Musical astrological sign
musical astrological sign Musical astrological sign

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