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Guest article by Mona from Sacred Reconnections. Our world is in total transformation on every level. Guest notification by Dave. Guest article and video by Dave from AmorStyleAstrology.

Eclipses in Astrology - Mundane Astrology Course Excerpt

In this video, I pick up where I left off on August 30th, cover the 12 days that passed and look forward another two weeks. Jupiter represents both the religious and the judicial world.

Authentic mundane horoscopes

It includes priests and religious leaders as well as bankers and judges. It can signify deadly epidemics, state funerals, and anything that would cause public sadness.

The Houses in Mundane Astrology

Uranus represents political tension such as rioting, fascism, individualism, right wing political ideas but it can also represent scientific discoveries. Neptune represents left wing political ideas such as socialism and communism. It can also represent covert plots, fraud, illicit activities, and loss. Pluto represents change and rebirth. Mundane Astrology uses a chart, but instead of the chart being for an individual, it is drawn up for a nation or country.

What can be done with mundane astrology? With so many countries in turmoil right now, Mundane Astrology can be used to help these countries see where they are going — if they are headed for peace or disaster. And if they are headed for disaster, by using Mundane Astrology, they can know before it strikes and either take steps to prevent it or at the very least plan for the coming disaster.

If a country has just gone through a turbulent time, like a revolution, mundane astrology can help the citizens of that country understand the importance of such a change. Even with high-profile, probable events, for example such as the fall of crude oil prices, the collapse of consumption based economies that outsource their manufacturing, the growth of the internet, or the aging baby-boomer demographics of particular countries, there is often significant uncertainty in the rate or continuation of a trend.

Thus, a key part of futures analysis Mundane Astrology is the understanding and management of uncertainty and risk. Mundane Astrology, therefore, provides the philosophical and archetypal link between the destiny of the individual and that of the mass, as well to all the differing concerns of the collective. So, in essence, the purpose of Mundane Astrology is to understand, articulate, and forecast the collective transformational forces of humanity as a whole, as a civilization, and its relation with the Cosmos.

There are references to Mundane Astrology in Ramayana. So, its existence can be traced back to several lakh of years in India.

What is Mundane Astrology?

Unlike Natal Astrology which focuses on the individual horoscope of a person, Mundane Astrology mainly focuses on the future of a country. It is possible to forecast the time when the ruling party of a country changes, when the country will have conflict with her neighbors, when epidemic diseases spread, when natural calamities like floods and famine are possible and when the people revolt against the Government etc. When such things are known in advance, required contingency plans can be adopted to alleviate the problem. To know the future of a country, Mundane Astrology uses several horoscope charts.

First of all, the chart of the birth of the country is required. It means chart for the formation day or Independence Day of the country. Next, the birth natal chart of the ruler of the country is important.

Mundane astrology blogs

It means the birth chart of the President or Prime Minister of the country. A Mundane Astrology chart drawn for the moment when the Sun enters the Aries 0 degree is also needed.

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Systems' Approach to Mundane Vedic Astrology

Vanity Fair reports that the "plot to hide Trump's tax returns has hit the skids. Being "Out-of-Synch" is apparently a theme these days. Turn this into an approach to politics and the result is tyranny. Alice gave the Red Queen a good shake in the end--oh, the wisdom of fantasy!

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