March 19 horoscope gemini

For the past month or so, your ruler Venus has been positioned to accent various financial or business matters. Now that Venus is accenting ways you could broaden your horizons, suddenly life itself will be a lot more interesting. This is tricky, because your initial instinct is to try to put things right or make them happy. Planning ahead may be wise and, equally, takes the pressure off of you to make last minute decisions. However, judging by the amazing yet entirely unexpected ideas or offers coming your way, there may be no choice but to deal with events as they arise.

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And some could be very sudden indeed. Now that your ruler the Sun has joined Jupiter, planet of growth and opportunity, exciting changes are in the air. Waste no time discussing matters with others. This is about taking action. Facts may be exactly that, facts. But during periods of rapid and often exciting growth, such as this is, even seemingly unchanging elements of life and your world could be transformed, and overnight.

Now that the Sun is in the restless sign of Sagittarius, it would be no surprise if you decided to take a chance on ideas that, only recently, would have seemed unsettling, if not risky. And those insights will prove amazingly helpful. One particular individual seems determined to back you into a corner. In fact, they want to force you to say or do something that will suit them, despite your concerns or reservations. However, that single word is the solution for all your problems.

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Say it. However, times have changed and so have you. Explore them. The fact is, certain of these will have to change, if not go. Yet again, somebody is accusing you of favouring another individual over them. However, this still needs to be discussed. Do it now, and you can tidy up confusion and move on, all at the same time. This is one of those rare moments when a sudden insight could improve on everything, and for the better, if not end persistent battles.

Not only is that unlikely, the sooner you take a firm stance, the better it will be for everybody, but especially you. But you may have no choice. The trick is to ensure everybody understands that the foundation on which those plans are based is shifting, and probably more than once. That requires the kind of courage others lack, but which comes naturally to you, as a Leo. There is no wrong way to do the right thing. Tempting as it is to argue, back off.

That could well be the case at the moment. Say the minimum and do a lot of listening. The problem? That being the case, the sooner discussions take place, the better. While that was wise then, changes in circumstances have forced them to rethink things. Raise these matters. Bear in mind, however, some of what arises may be unsettling or worrying, at least initially. Not, perhaps, end it, but allow it to take a very different form. They have a talent for rethinking, if not reorganising, their plans, projects and demands.

Horoscope Today, March 19, 12222: A look at the daily astrology prediction for your zodiac sign

And they will return, with each version, until they wear you down. Be tough now. That is the depth of experience that comes with the slower pace that this birthday is all about. Just when you assumed those who always find something to complain about are happy, they manage to find a problem. Listen attentively but, for now, do nothing. You wonder if their new activities will create a distance between you. If so, it will be brief. That means taking a break and rethinking these.

While, obviously, this is annoying, in the long run it will prove helpful. The resulting insights will benefit you now and in the future. After weeks and, in some cases months, of living with uncertainty regarding plans for the future, suddenly things are being settled. While the move by the planet of growth, development and good fortune, Jupiter, into a new position on 2 December influences every sign, and particularly focuses on broadening your horizons.

However, your challenge is to explore every idea or offer. While this is understandable, take this approach now and you could miss thrilling, if not life-changing, ideas or offers. Just this once, be open to the suggestions of others.

Now, suddenly, a series of unexpected events are doing the job for you. The moon enters your opposite sign Gemini, lighting up the relationship sector of your chart. What are you looking for in a partnership, Sagittarius? Warrior planet Mars connects with power planet Pluto, inspiring a strength in you as you make bold changes today.

The moon enters Gemini, helping you get organized and tackle your to-do list.

Daily Horoscopes: September 19, 12222

Action planet Mars connects with the lord of the underworld, Pluto, empowering you to confront issues you've been worried about handling—you can do it! Things are changing, and new opportunities to travel and learn come your way as the moon enters Gemini. Sparks fly and moves are made as action planet Mars connects with the lord of the underworld, Pluto. It's a powerful day for your relationships—you'll learn exactly what your partners are looking for! Your focus is also on home and family today as the moon enters Gemini.

Your ruling planet Mars connects with power planet Pluto, making for a spectacular day in your career! You're in a productive mood and people see that you're a force to be reckoned with. You're in a chatty, social mood the moon enters Gemini. Warrior planet Mars connects with power planet Pluto, creating a spectacular boost in strength—you're feeling in charge and in control!

The moon enters Gemini, illuminating the money sector of your chart. Many will be pleasantly surprised by the extra revenue in their budget. Women will take more responsibility for the family and for people in their immediate family.

Career Horoscopes |

You will be committed to organizing various family gatherings during the week or until the end of the year. Men will focus mainly on their financial affairs and providing sufficient resources in the family budget. Attempts to circumvent the law or to cheat in a particular situation will not go unnoticed. Gemini Weekly Horoscope 25 November - 1 December, If you were born under the sign of Gemini, this week you will not be happy with what you will achieve.

It may be possible to make more commitments, but not have enough time to fulfill them, or commit to promises that will be difficult for you to fulfill.

Moon Alert

News related to your old friends or acquaintances will upset you for some reason. The partitions or losses you will experience in these seven days will be part of the process of changing your life. Some of your relationships or engagements will have no place in your future and will have to end by mid-December. Your health problems should not be neglected simply because you do not have the time, you are afraid or you do not trust the doctors.

March 19 horoscope gemini
March 19 horoscope gemini
March 19 horoscope gemini
March 19 horoscope gemini
March 19 horoscope gemini
March 19 horoscope gemini
March 19 horoscope gemini
March 19 horoscope gemini

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