February 9 planets align astrology

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The symbol of Uranus is made of a sheltered cross above a circle. This also shows a focus on authority. Element: Air. This element suggests a harmonious existence, often analyzing and assimilating what is going on everywhere and influences people born on February 9. When associated with the water, this is the element to vaporize it.

2019 Cosmic Synchronicity: Very Rare Jupiter, Saturn and Neptune Connections

Lucky day: Tuesday. As many consider Tuesdays as the most clean day of the week, it identifies with the logical nature of Aquarius and the fact this day is ruled by Mars only strengthens this connection.

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People born on February 9 are oriented towards the humanitarian part of life and also have an introspective and creative approach to life. While they might not be all artists, these natives know how to combine the beautiful part of life with the every day practicalities. They appear as charming and attractive to most people they meet and they often manage to involve those around them in their endeavors. They avoid routine but can work with it trough a bit of effort.


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Positive traits: Original and oriented towards novelty, these natives seek for creative and humanitarian projects. They are convivial but also dignified and display a dignified look. They make captivating companions but are also fairly straight forward and often say exactly what they think.

They have forceful conventional principles in some regards that they try to abide by in life. Negative traits: Rebellious and distracted, these natives seem to follow their own inner order of things and sometimes this brings them to decisions that often lack pragmatism and are hasty. They have rigid ideas at times while in other occasions they are rapid to embrace what they are being told or what they see at a first glance, without too much consideration. They are sometimes boastful and try to display what they know in quite an overly assured manner that drives people into believing they are audacious.

Lovers born on February 9 are extremely attractive and versatile. They like to discover new persons and they seem to center all their life on a person but then suddenly they get bored and slip away. They are attracted to lively and imaginative persons who can keep up with their lifestyle.

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You can conquer the heart of Aquarius if you know how to reveal your personality step by step so you always keep them guessing and wanting more. You also need to come to an understanding with their love of freedom and eccentricities. Their love life is rather hectic and unpredictable because they tend to be in and out of love quite easy and for no particular reason.

They find it hard to connect to a deeper level with one person. For them, relationships and settling will probably be a complex matter but once they decide to have their own family they will turn out to be very protective and patient. They are most compatible with those born on the 3th, 5th, 6th, 12th, 14th, 15th, 21th, 23th, 24th and 31st.

Love and Compatibility for February 9 Zodiac

February 9 Zodiac people are most attached to the other two air signs: Gemini and Libra as they tend to share the same vision of life. In love, Aquarius is in a constant search for someone who can understand their inquisitive and adventurous nature and the best to offer them this is actually another Aquarius.

The least compatible with people born on February 9 are those born under Scorpio. As for the rest of compatibilities between the other star signs and Aquarius, you know what they say, stars predispose but people dispose. Blue-green symbolizes loneliness, activity, security and maturity.

This zodiac color is advised to be used in accessories and items of clothing. People who have blue-green as sign color are balanced, confident and attractive at most times. Blue-green or aqua is favored by cool, composed and of conservative practicality personalities that prefer rather to conform for their peace of mind than start an argument.

New moon total solar eclipse in Capricorn

The seductive Amethyst is the birthstone defined for February 9 and in general for Aquarians. This is a precious stone that symbolizes sobriety and wisdom. This zodiac birthstone should be used in all kinds of jewelry items that are to be worn frequently. This is said to help the wearer find inner strength and balance. Brazil is the main place where the most valuable Amethyst stones can be found nowadays. I gave a lecture on Mystic Rectangles at an astrology conference in and have just loaded it up on my website.

Skip to content. Sharing is wonderful! Usually, we would simply forecast that communications and information would gain importance on the day of the alignment, and that we would find ourselves drawn to writing, recording, and planning according to personal agendas. This transit is an opportunity for a mental reset, to see the truth about a situation, and to receive inspirations and realizations that we may not have accessed before.

On the down side, it may magnify nervous mental energy, especially if we're already fretting over one thing or another. For that reason, we want to remember to breathe, release, allow, and remind ourselves that there is A Plan In Effect. Mercury's transit of the Sun will begin at a. PST and will last about 6 hours from start to finish. A Full Moon is always a time of completion and reckoning, when we come to terms or bring to fruition all that has transpired since the New Moon.

It can also be a time of illumination, given that the Moon is at the brightest phase of its cycle.

What does Mercury in retrograde mean

And, the Moon is at the same degree as the asteroid Vesta, which represents devotion and service, especially of a spiritual nature. Astrologer Demetra George has written that when the Moon and Vesta align, our capacity for "emotional rapport and sympathetic understanding" is increased. Supporting a harmonious unfolding of events—and a positive resolution to the issues that have set us off balance in the past two weeks—the Full Moon is trine Pluto and Saturn, and in sextile aspect to Neptune.

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february 9 planets align astrology February 9 planets align astrology
february 9 planets align astrology February 9 planets align astrology

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